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General booking and rental conditions.

1. General conditions rental and assembly.

Scope of application, content of the contract, applicable law
1.1. Only the following General Conditions of DASO-HUGIENIC S.L. (CAMPER-RENTING), (hereinafter, the “lessor”). Those conditions of the customer (hereinafter, the “lessee”) that differ or are contrary to the General Conditions of the Lessor will not be accepted.

1.2. The object of the contract formalized with the lessee is solely the rental delivery of the material chosen by the lessee, and its consequent assembly, where appropriate, by the lessor.

1.3. In case of reservation, between the lessee and the lessor(s), a rental contract governed exclusively by Spanish law will be formalized. The lessee will organize his stay at the campsite themselves, under his sole and entire responsibility.

The lessee will inform the lessor of the campsite where they have made the reservation and the lessor must assemble and disassemble at the given plot number on the date of arrival and departure. The lessee is solely responsible for the accuracy of said data and for having made the appropriate reservation, leaving the lessor exempt from any responsibility in this regard.

Consequently, the rental contract will be limited to the duration specified by the lessee. Any type of extension of the rental contract is excluded, for an indeterminate period due to continued use.

1.4. All agreements between the lessor and the lessee will be made in writing.

2. Minimum age.

2.1. The lessee must be at least 18 years old.

3. Rental prices and calculation, rental duration.

3.1. The rental prices are derived from the lessor’s price list in force at the time of formalizing the contract.

For each rental, a fixed and single amount will be charged for your package and for the services provided, the amount of which can also be consulted in the price list of the lessor in force at the time of formalizing the contract.

3.2. The rental prices of the optional accessories are derived from the lessor’s price list in force at the time of formalizing the contract.

3.3. The minimum rental is 2 nights or more based on the season.

3.4. The corresponding rental prices include: VAT 21%, movement of the material, assembly/disassembly and removal.

3.5. The rental period begins with the delivery and assembly at the site indicated by the lessee, and ends with the disassembly and/or collection of the material by the lessor’s employees.

3.6. If, for any reason attributable to the lessee, the material cannot be dismantled and/or removed after the agreed time has elapsed, the lessor will calculate €1.00 per hour of delay (however, the maximum for each day of delay will equal the full day rate according to the season, increasing by 100% for compensation for damages and breach of contract).

Additionally, the lessee will assume the expenses derived from the fact that another lessee or another person asserts their rights against the lessor, due to a delay in the delivery of the material, attributable to the lessee.

3.7. In case of seeking the removal and disassembly of the leased products before the contracted rental period has elapsed, the full contractually agreed rental price must also be paid.

3.8. The material will be delivered in the correct state of use and must be returned by the lessee. The lessor will leave due proof of the delivery and assembly on the indicated date and it will be an annexed party to this contract.

4. Booking

4.1. Reservations will only be binding after confirmation by the lessor, according to section 4.2.

4.2. At the time of booking, the lessee must pay the sum of €50 as a deposit and as a guarantee of faithful compliance with the obligations of this contract.

Once the lessor has confirmed the rental availability of all the selected products, the lessee must pay the full amount of the rent. As soon as the lessor verifies the payment, the reservation will be binding for both parties. In the event that the client/lessee terminates the binding reservation, the parties agree to the following compensation for breach of contract:

Up to 14 days before the start of the rental, the lessor will return the amount received in full.

Between 7 and 9 days before the start of the rental, the lessor will return 50% of the rental price.

Between 13 and 10 days immediately prior to the start of the rental, the lessor will return 75% of the rental price.

From the 14 days immediately prior to the start of the rental, the lessor will return 100% of the rental price.

5. Terms of payment, deposit

5.1. The rental price based on the reservation dates, plus all those charges for additional concepts must be deposited in the account that the lessor will provide to the lessee or paid with the lessor’s payment system, in accordance with the following:

– €50 will be paid at the time of making the reservation as a deposit and as a guarantee of faithful compliance with the obligations of this contract, following the steps of the payment process on the website.

– The total amount of the rental will be paid upon confirmation by the lessor of the rental request.

5.2. The deposit will be returned 48 hours after the dismantling and removal of the material from the campsite, after examination by a person in charge of the state leasing company and the correct use of the material. In the event of damage or any defect resulting from misuse, the person in charge will decide and will send the client a photograph that will prove said end and will determine the amount that the client must pay. This amount will be deducted from the deposit, the lessee must accept the payment of the difference if the cost of the damage exceeds the value of the deposit deposited.

Dirty materials resulting from abnormal use will be considered as damage, not including dirt resulting from foreseeable and normal use.

If it is not possible to assess the damage immediately, the lessor will have 30 days to return, where appropriate, the amount of the remaining deposit, once the cost of repairing the damage or damage caused has been deducted. In the event that the invoice is pending closing and the payment of the amount resulting from the use of the material, penalties or other concepts, has not been paid, the lessee authorizes to compensate said amount in the “charge” of the corresponding credit card signed to that effect.

6. Delivery and return of the material.

6.1. The lessee is obliged to follow the instructions given by the lessor. Likewise, a certificate of delivery of the material that they must sign will be made available to the lessee at the campsite.

6.2. Since it is the responsibility of the lessor to disassemble and remove the material, before carrying out any work, the person in charge of the lessor will carry out a review, leaving a photographic record of it, as an inventory. The damages that do not appear in the photographs but that are detected by the lessor at the time of collection and removal of the material, will be borne by the lessee.

6.3. Unauthorized delays in the return will be penalized with a daily rate of three times the amount applied in the contract. Any justified cause of force majeure that prevents the return on the agreed day, must be immediately communicated to the lessor by some reliable method so that he accepts it; Otherwise, it will be considered unauthorized delay.

6.4. If the tenant wishes to extend the lease, he must request it from the landlord at least 2 days to 48 hours before the end of the contract. The eventual confirmation of the extension will be subject to the availabilities that the lessor has at this time, therefore the latter will not assume any previous commitment.

6.5. Any alteration of the rental dates must be previously authorized by the lessor. The lessor reserves the right to proceed with the disassembly and removal of the material, at any time during the term of this contract, if its use contravenes the provisions of the same.

7. Prohibited uses, maintenance and protection obligations

7.1. The lessee acknowledges that he receives the material in correct conditions of use and undertakes to keep it in good condition. Likewise, he undertakes to respect at all times the instructions that the lessor would have given him.

7.2. The material must be properly cared for and treated.

7.3. The cleaning expenses, derived from any breach, will be borne by the lessee.

8. In case of incident.

8.1. In the event of any incident with the material, theft, fire or damage, the lessee must immediately inform the lessor by calling the telephone number of the rental center, no later than the business day following the day of the accident. Contrary claims will not be accepted.

8.2. In case of robbery or theft of the material, it will be reported to the competent authority immediately, communicating it and sending a copy of the complaint to the lessor, within a maximum period of 24 hours.

8.3. In the event of non-compliance by the lessee with any of these measures, if applicable, the lessor may claim damages from the lessee caused by his negligence, including the loss of profits of the lessor company during the time the material is unavailable.

9. Material defects.

9.1. The rights to compensation for damages of the lessee for defects not attributable to the lessor are excluded.

9.2. Within 2 hours of arrival at the campsite, the tenant must indicate in writing to the lessor the defects that he has detected in the material. In this case, the lessor may send a person in charge to corroborate them. Rights to compensation for damages in case of defects indicated after arrival are excluded, unless said claim is motivated by non-obvious damage.

10. Repairs, replacement material

10.1. In the case of any material deficiency, the lessee must immediately notify the lessor, from whom he will receive the appropriate instructions for its repair or will send a person in charge.

10.2. In the event that, without any fault on the part of the lessee, the material is damaged or it is anticipated that it cannot be used during the period of the stay, the lessor will try to provide equivalent material to the lessee within a reasonable period of time, in this case a termination of the contract would be excluded.

10.3. In the event that the lessee is at fault, the material is damaged or it is anticipated that it will not be able to be used during the period of the stay, the lessor may refuse to offer replacement material. In this case, a termination of the contract by the tenant is excluded. If the lessor is available to make new material available to the lessee, he may charge the lessee for any expenses derived from it.

11. Lessee’s Responsibility.

11.1. The lessee, under no circumstances, will be exempt from their responsibilities, civil, administrative, criminal or of any kind that are the consequence of malicious behavior, or have caused damage in a premeditated, negligent manner or simply as a result of negligence or lack of due diligence.

12. Responsibility of the lessor, prescription

12.1. The lessor should deliver the material in the correct condition, having carried out all the checks and maintenance necessary for its proper functioning. He will not be responsible for mechanical failures or breakdowns due to normal deterioration of the same, nor is he responsible for expenses, delays or damages in any way produced, directly or indirectly, as a result of such failures or breakdowns.

12.2. If due to force majeure, fortuitous reasons or reasons beyond the control of the lessor, the material could not be delivered on the agreed date, this will not give the right to any compensation, except for the return by the lessor to the lessee of the amount paid as a reservation .

13. Jurisdiction
In the event of disputes arising from or related to the material rental contract, it is agreed that the jurisdiction is that of the rental center.